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How to smooth PLA prints

Smooth PLA prints – how to achieve them

Have you ever wondered how to smooth PLA prints – if so read on…

You have invested money into your printer, and time if you have built it yourself.

You have got to know how it works and are happy that you can download and print within its capabilities.

But some days you look at the prints and think why is there not a vapour bath for PLA as there is for ABS?

Well I’m not here to tell you there is a safe bath available for PLA, but that there is an easy way to get your models to look polished.

As most of you are aware the finish of your model will depend on the layer height you select when you slice it.

But as with most things there is a downside to picking the smallest layer height you can – time and lots of it.

You can quickly go up from an hour to 5 hours or more by going down in layer height. Continue reading How to smooth PLA prints