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Hi and welcome to best 3d printer, a site where the best 3d printing technology will be reviewed.

You will be shown hints and tips on 3d printing, maintenance of your printer, using the software and new material coming out.
My name is Phil Stanton, an engineer, working in the avionics industry for 30 years. In my last job I utilised some of the industrial sized 3d printers.
Now I am looking at the current technology of home based printers.
I will be looking at the methods used to produce the printers along with the printing technology.
All of the different materials being produced are going to be reviewed and tested to give you a clear idea of what can be used easily and for what purpose.
I really enjoy engineering and am able to describe complex technology in user friendly terms.
I hope you will stay a while and enjoy the reviews, successes and failures.
If you have any questions about the printers please feel free to get in touch.
If you have a best 3d printer and would like to review it please get in touch.

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have fun


  1. HI I have a RenRen 3d LE as well that the kids and I are trying to get together. We are close but the movements aren’t correct. renren3d.com is crashingon me so i cannot d/l the firmware. I have marlin close to configured except for the movements. I think some of the Delta #’s are off. I was wondering if you could send me the zip or maybe the .h file ? Would e much appreciated

  2. I am passing by to speak about Phil. I want to speak about how giving and helpful he is to others. He does not think twice when it comes to contributing to the growth and development of others. I am happy to have crossed paths with him. Also, thank him for writing useful information and being a self starter.

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