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temperature towers show a lot of information

Setting up a temperature tower in Cura

Setting up your 3d printer is similar to printing that test page with a new printer… Setting up a temperature tower in Cura and printing it will tell you a lot about the filament and your machine… Once you have…

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slicer faq spyglass

3d print Slicer software FAQ

There have been a lot of questions about 3d printer slicer software, so i thought i would put pen to paper ( so to speak) and answer half a dozen of the top ones…there will be more to come… Do…

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working on computer ot translate the cad file for the 3d printer

Beginners Slicer Settings

At the start of your printing journey you may be overwhelmed with every thing you need to do to get a good print… This guide will go through the essential settings a beginner must be aware of when using their…

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