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How Large Can you build a 3D Printer

A lot of people look at the small volume of the desktop 3d printers and dream of designing a huge machine. What limits the size of a 3d printer: mechanical components , complexity and costs are the three main limitations for…

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Anet A8 bearing replacement- SB1

Service Bulletin 1 (SB1) This service bulletin details how to check and perform Anet A8 bearing replacement on the X and Y axis. What are the symptoms which require Anet A8 bearing replacement After you have bought your 3d printer…

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3D print Nozzle secrets

All about a 3d print nozzle What is your 3d print nozzle? How do you specify your 3d print nozzle? What is it made of and why? Why are there different nozzle shapes? What nozzle size should i use? How…

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Renren3d LE test print

first test print after much arguing with the auto level and height adjustment almost there little bit more fettling and it should be working properly don’t like the cracking noise – need to investigate that

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3d printing ideas for students

3d printing ideas for students Teaching students is an excellent career, you can use your skills to bring to life your subject – to get the student enthused in your area of expertise. Being able to stand in front of…

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3d Printer Anatomy : Introduction

Introduction to the 3d printing process Most people buy a 3d printer, typically a FFF (fused filament fabrication type), after seeing something printed out professionally and after printing something themselves wonder what went wrong.   This is where the 3d printer…

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