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 What is 3d Printing Workflow

 What is 3d printing workflow How do you get from the concept to something in your hand with an fdm printer…. What is 3d printing workflow: 3d printing workflow is the method of taking a concept of what you want and…

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Learn how to start 3d printing lithophanes

Lithophanes: what are they? Probably being inspired by the early Chinese Ming vases, the Europeans started to produce pictures in translucent porcelain. These could only be viewed clearly when lit from the back. The word itself comes from a combination…

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designing for 3d printing

When designing for 3d printing what do you need to take into account? Overhangs All additive 3d printing material will have a limit to its self support. Typically angles under 45 degrees will require support. Overhangs printed away from the…

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